Martin Family Orchards began in 1986 with 3 acres of Red-Gold Nectarines located in Cashmere, Washington. Rick Martin was a General Contractor and purchased a piece of land in Cashmere where he would build his families dream home. This piece of land had 3 acres of Nectarine trees that he thought would be fun to take care of. Little did he know that it was the start of a brand new career.

Rick and his dad Marty started taking Nectarines to the Pike Place Market in the summer of 1986. They also started making deliveries to a few Grocery stores in the Puget Sound area including their first store, the Vashon Island Thriftway. Rick and Terri really enjoyed the interaction with consumers that Pike Place and other local farmers markets provided as opposed to just sending all their fruit to a big warehouse.

Rick and his wife Terri fell in love with being a orchardists and in 1988 bought a 10 acre Apple and Pear orchard just down the road and a 2 acre Apricot orchard in East Wenatchee. He spent his winters building homes in the Wenatchee valley and his summers tending to his orchards and delivering fruit to Western Washington.

In 1993, A large orchard in Orondo, Washington (about 25 miles East of Cashmere) went on the market. Rick and Terri decided this was their chance to pursue their dream of being full time farmers. In 1994, they bought the Orondo orchard and Rick hung up his tool belt for good. The Orondo orchard has multiple varieties of Cherries, Peaches, Nectarines and Apples.

Over the years, Rick and Terri bought a neighboring orchard and a piece of rocky, sage brush infested land on the East side of the original orchard. It took a couple years to clear all the rock and flatten the 11 acres of land but it is now the home of 2 beautiful Cherry blocks and a 5 acre parcel of Red-Haven Peaches. Rick’s carpentry skills also came in handy as they have built an 8,000 sq foot warehouse including 2 coolers, a loading dock and packing shed.

Today Martin Family Orchards is over 90 acres of Bing and Rainier Cherries, 6 varieties of Peaches, Red-Gold and Independent Nectarines, Perfection Apricots, Bartlett and D’Anjou Pears, Gala and Fuji Apples, a variety of Tomatoes, Squash, and Peppers. We deliver fruit to over 40 Thriftway and Red Apple stores across the state of Washington as well as doing more than 50 farmers markets each week.

Martin Family Orchards is a family run business with all three of Rick and Terri’s sons (Ricky Jr., Jamie and Jonny) involved in the day to day operations. We grow our fruit tree ripe, which means that we don’t pick our fruit until we know it’s ready to eat fresh off the tree. This makes for a huge difference in the flavor and texture of the fruit. It is our goal to provide families in Washington with the highest quality, tree-ripened sfruit they have ever tasted.

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